SCS (Super Carb Shredder) is a diet support supplement that provides two functions: it controls carbohydrate absorption and accelerates fat combustion to support your efforts toward building your ideal body.

Controls Carbohydrate Absorption

SCS controls carbohydrate absorption by blocking the degradation action in the process of carbohydrate absorption in three phases.


An enzyme called amylase degrades carbohydrates (starch) first. White kidney bean extract (fabenol) acts to control the degrading properties of amylase.


Another enzyme called glucosidase degrades carbohydrate (starch) into disaccharides and oligosaccharides, and then to monosaccharides. Salacia is an herb that controls the degrading ability of glucosidase.


Once carbohydrates are degraded to this monosacchride form, it is finally ready to be absorbed by the body. At this point the plant ingredient gymnema kicks in to control this absorption.

Accelerates Fat Combustion

SCS contains CLA, omega-3 and L-cartinine.
CLA is an omega-6 oil that promotes fat combustion by enhancing and supporting the lipolitic enzyme α-lipase to accelerate fat combustion effect.
L-carnitine maximizes the fat combustion effect generated by CLA. L-carnitine functions to deliver fat to the mitochondoria in cells, which act as a combustion chamber.
These two ingredients produce an extremely powerful fat combustion effect.
Combined with omega-3 oil, these ingredients prevent oxidation in the body to ward off hardening of the arteries, as well as prevent lifestyle-related diseases by reducing cholesterol levels and neutral fat levels.

SCS Super Carb Shredder

For best results, consume one packet before a meal. You take SCS during or after a meal to experience the benefits. Consume SCS prior to physical training or a workout to accelerate fat combustion. It is recommended to take 30 minutes in advance of starting your workout.
Serving Size:
3 pieces (Hard Capsules1, Soft Capsules2)
Suggested Use:
3 sachets per day
60 sachets (per box)

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Serving %Daily Value
Amylase inhibitory activity 210.0mg 70%
Gymnema Sylvestre Extract 168.0mg 42%
Salacia Reticulata Extract 150.0mg 25%
Conjugated linoleic acid 462.0mg 70%
L-Carnitine 198.0mg 79%
Omega3 2220.0mg 139%